The foundations will be made trough concrete slabs (with anti-seism effects).

Structure of reinforced concrete with unidirectional framings and/or concrete slabs.

The facade will be formed of a double brickwork with air space and exterior lining of single layer white mortar coating.


The exterior carpentry will be compound of aluminium windows and balconies with thermal bridge breaking, of matte black colour.

To get more comfort in the home, the glazing is made with double glass.


Security main gate, with sheet of steel on the inside, and lacquered in both sides with white colour, with three anchor points, ironworks and handles.

Interior doors of the home, lacquered in white, with horizontal grooves, ironworks and handles.

Modular cupboards lacquered in white, with sliding doors and interior structure of melamine boards, shelves, a storage room and a hanger.


The interior floors will be made of first class ceramic tile, customer’s choice.

The skirting boards will be of first class ceramic tile, built into the walls.

The exterior floors will be made of first class anti-slip ceramic tile, customer’s choice.


First class sanitary appliances of the brand Ideal Standard of modern lines.

2 bathrooms provided of shower floor with thermostatic taps and glass shower doors.

Installation of warm and cold water with PP Random piping and PVC drainpipes.

Bathroom furniture with fitted sinks.

Smooth unrodded acrylic paint, white colour, in interior horizontal and vertical faces.

Tiles in bathrooms and toilet with first class ceramic tiles, customer’s choice.

Interior linings with gypsum plaster projected in interior horizontal and vertical faces, and gypsum sheet in false ceilings.


Fully equiped kitchen compound of tall and short furniture, and quartz countertop.

Electrical appliances of high energetic efficience, including oven, microwave, ceramic stove, refrigerator and extractor fan. 

Aerothermal system for sanitary warm water.

Insulation in exterior wall cavities with projected polyurethane.

Insulation of flat covers with polyurethane sheets.

Complete installation of air conditioner trough pipes, and with white expulsion and return grilles.


Intercom for the opening of the main gate wall.

First class electrical mechanisms of the brand Niessen, model Zenit, colour white.

Individual television aerial.

TV and mobile data power point in all the bedrooms and in the living room.


Porch and wide walkways paved with first class anti-slip ceramic tiles.

Black aluminium sliding door for the entrance of vehicles.

Black aluminium door for pedestrians.

Landscaped zone with artificial grass.

Swimming pool, with chlorine fililtering system and with beach zone.

Shower for the swimming pool.

Gresite in swimming pool to be chosen between several models.

Closed garage.


Blank wall lined with single layer mortar, on a concrete edge beam.

A black security glass will be installed in the main facade.